Geomed Biomedicine's ionisers are best in class they deliver refined German technology manufactured in Australia. This insures leading performance and quality with local support. Geomed ionisers have been designed to produce high levels of beneficial Negative Ions, NO Ozone (O3) see health risks with ozone and less than <0.005% positive ions compared to negative ion output. All Geomed ionisers are supplied with a Negative Ion output test report see example using the Ionometer IM806 from Umweltanalytik Holbach GmbH, Germany.

Geomed ionisers are approved in compliance with Energex Australia for electrical safety and with ACMA for RCM (C-Tick Australia/New Zealand) and EMC (electro smoke).

Geomed Ionisers come in two forms filtered and unfiltered air. Filtered versions utilise H.E.P.A. filtration to focus on providing health benefits of clean highly ionised air. The unfiltered ionisers are designed to improve your wellness by ionising your entire home. These units are mounted onto airflow devices such as fans and Air conditioners etc.

Geomed Biomedicine's world leading ionisers are now even better. Advanced technology and insight have resulted in our new TRI-ENERGY treatment system which combines the power of NEGATIVE ionisation, Multi Colour Light and Infra-Red therapies. Please see below for all our product information

We didn't invent ionisation but we did perfect it!
Geomed Biomedicine



Effective Results Fast

Mobile Air

The Mobile Air is the perfect travel companion. It combines an air energiser system (Negative ionisation) and H.E.P.A. Filtration.


Viva Air

The Viva Air energiser is the ideal ionisining device for the home or practice. It combines an air energiser system (Negative ionisation) and H.E.P.A. Filtration.


More Energy For Work And Play
Faster Recovery While You Sleep


The Geomed Breeze Air energiser is perfect for the bedroom or small office. It include H.E.P.A. filtration and ionisation.


Breeze +

The Geomed Breeze Plus Air energisers is perfect for a large room. It include H.E.P.A. filtration and Ionisation.


Remarkable Results Fast, All Treatments
For the Expert that wants the Best for Clients


The Geomed Ion Cabin is the ultimate device for the medical practioner. It combines two air ionisers, H.E.P.A. Filtration, Colour Light therapy and Music therapy. It also includes a DVD player and LCD TV.



The Geomed AirLight is the culmination of Polarized Light Therapy, Colour Light Therapy and Ionisation (Ionization) in a single device designed with the medical practioner in mind. It also takes advantage of H.E.P.A. Filtration.

Active AirLight

The Active AirLight combines ionisation, light therapy and infra-red light therapy in a compact unit ideal for the practioner.


Relaxed, Stress Free, Healthy Lifestyle

IML Mood Light

The IML Ioniser will fill any room with a rich hue of colours and ionised air.


Ceiling Fan Ioniser

The Geomed ceiling fan series of air energisers are the perfect addition to your home or office. These stylish units will ionise a large room.

PICO Car Ioniser

PICO Air Energiser assists in the prevention of driver fatigue and stress. It could also improve driver alertness and a reaction time


Energised, Enriched Shower Experience


The Ultimate relaxation, Water saving and ionising shower heads.



Nothing Cleaner ProAqua & Geomed


Geomed Introduces the greatest vacuum cleaner ever. Including geomed ionisation.